Slocan Valley Man Running in Kootenay-West as an Independent

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An Independent Candidate in Kootenay-West says financial waste and a lack of accountability are the reasons he is running in the October 24th provincial election.

Ed Varney who is a certified engineer, millright, welder and heavy duty mechanic figures recommending to the province that painting highway lines less frequently to save money led to an example of waste near his front door.

“I live on a gravel secondary road, where my gravel secondary road meets the paved secondary road that goes to Highway 6, I have a freshly painted yellow line from Little Slocan South to Highway 6,” claimed Varney who said he made the recommendation when invited by provincial officials to make a pre-budget submission.

The Slocan Valley resident also feels he has been stonewalled on another issue.

“I had a big war going on with them (provincial government) because they destroyed the road up the Duncan from my trap-line,” said Varney who said he has tried to get answers on the project.

“For five years I tried freedom of information to find out how much they spent on that project, they have come up with more excuses why they don’t have to tell me that,” said Varney who hopes to build on a strong local presence on election day.

“I do write letters in newspapers and I get really good responses to them,” said the Independent candidate who feels his ideas have resonated with local residents.

“People phone me at home to say it was a good thing (opinions in letters to editors), other people stop me on the street that don’t even know me really and they say what you said, had to be said.”