Smokies New Captain Looks ahead to a Busy Week Week in the Pod

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The new captain of the Trail Smoke Eaters feels rust and nerves contributed to opening weekend losses to Penticton and Cranbrook and promises the team will perform better this week.

Chase Dafoe said it was an exciting surprise when the coaching staff told him he will be the captain before last Friday’s Penticton pod premiere against the Vees.

“I’m pretty proud and honoured to be named captain, especially for this organization, I think it’s pretty special, the history it has, so yeah, I was thrilled,” said Dafoe who believes he can follow in the footsteps of last year’s captain.

“I’m really trying to remember how the past captain was, Phillipe Lapointe, and how he spoke up and how he led by example, I’m just going to try and bring his qualities into me this year and lead this team the best way I can,” said the power forward.

Dafoe said playing ten games each against Penticton and Cranbrook is similar to a pair of separate playoff series where the team can make the necessary adjustments against each opponent.

The 19-year-old from Beverley, MA., figures spending over a month together in Penticton to play their 20-game mini season will be a good team building opportunity.

“We’re lucky enough to stay at a pretty good hotel, all the guys are on the same floor and we’re fortunate enough to see each other when it’s our down time and go outside, get some fresh air, so it’s actually been pretty fun,” said the captain.

Dafoe felt a combination of brief physical and mental breakdowns cost them in Friday’s 4-1 loss to the Vees and Sunday’s 5-3 setback to the Bucks.

The Smoke Eaters have a busy week with games Wed. night vs Cranbrook, Thurs. night against the Vees, Sat. evening vs the Bucks and Sunday afternoon vs the Vees.

Opening face-off on Wed. and Thurs. is 7 p.m.  The game Sat. starts at 6 p.m., with the puck dropping at 4 p.m. on Sun.  All games can be seen on Hockey TV.