Stanley Humphries PAC Praises School Officials In COVID-19 Case

stanley humphries

A Parents Advisory Council member at Stanley Humphries Secondary School in Castlegar believes the school and school district have handled the COVID-19 infection involving one of their students very well.

Rebecca Voros pointed to the fact there have been no additional infections since September 11th as proof.

“There’s been no other cases so I think that it was handled really well,” said Voros who credited school officials under the direction of Interior Health for keeping the virus in check.

“The kids that needed to be contacted were contacted, so I think I have every confidence, we just have to trust the higher authorities like we have been for the last six months,” said the PAC Treasurer who added getting official notification about the case wasn’t a surprise as word was already filtering around the community amongst students.

“The kids don’t have to go through the proper chains of command, they just know it through their own networking systems and so I originally heard about it through my daughter".

Voros said parents felt it was just a matter of time before someone at the school caught the virus, but one aspect was a surprise.

“I don’t know if anyone was really expecting it during the first week of school,” said Voros.