Trail Businessman Critical of Federal Government COVID-19 Assistance

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A Trail businessman and instructor at Selkirk College feels the Federal government got it wrong.

Trail Beer Refinery co-owner Mike Konkin is critical of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit for paying 2-thousand dollars a month to people who lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

He pointed out some people would be earning less by going back to work.

“They’re creating a massive underground economy right now, they’re creating a major disincentive for employees to come back to work,” said Konkin who added the numbers don’t make it worthwhile even for some people who were making more that the benefit provides before getting laid off, to return to their jobs.

“If someone is a part-time employee and they’re maybe making 25-hundred or 3-thousand dollars (a month) regularly, there’s no incentive to come back to work.”

Konkin is concerned small business owners will bear the brunt of the program that will remain in effect until October.

“Every small business once things start to re-open are going to have to juggle around that, where there’s some employees that are better off sitting at home, collecting it (the CERB) and playing video games all day,” said Konkin.