Trail Cold Case Confounds RCMP and Private Investigator

Kim Fovonove

A private investigator from Vancouver continues to probe a 42 year-old cold case from Trail.

Brad Parker's friendship with the late Kim Fofonove goes back to high school.

He says the mystery started after the future RCMP officer who was in the Silver City for a rugby tournament, was last seen in the Trail Hotel.

“He was in the bar drinking, we was playing pool,” said Parker who the mystery surrounds what happened next.

“Unfortunately he left alone and he was found in the parking lot with life threatening injuries.”

Trail RCMP Sergeant Mike Wicentowich said even though they have a solid understanding of the series of events leading up to that time, this type of case would be tough to solve today, let alone 42 years later.

“Not identifying anyone who saw the incident which led to Kim Fofonove laying on the ground with grave injuries which he eventually succumbed to, it’s been an incredible challenge to piece that together,” said Wicentowich who added the diverse status of the case leaves several possibilities open.

“This has been classified as a misadventure, to a possible homicide so there is a lot of room in there for interpretation of evidence so we really do need that last critical piece.”

The Trail RCMP Sergeant who is also a former homicide investigator said there have been recent interviews as the case remains active and police hope they will result in substantive leads.

“Unfortunately none of those people had any direct knowledge, but did give us some leads,” said Wicentowich who reiterated this remains a very difficult case.

“We do have some potential leads that may leads us somewhere, someday, but again it will be very challenging at this time to determine exactly what happened.”   

Parker who is also a retired police officer pointed out they have passed leads on to Trail RCMP, but feels someone is withholding information that could break the case open.

“There are still people I believe through our investigation who still know exactly what happened to Kim Fofonove and we are still waiting for them to do the right thing and come forward,” said Parker who believes local police took too long to classify the Fofonove file as a major crime.   

Wicentowich disagrees, stating investigators at the time of the incident and today have remained committed to solving the case.

Parker hopes whoever may have that critical piece of information does the night thing and comes forward.

“We need to remember this shouldn’t happen in any community and that we never forget  and whoever has done this, needs to be brought forward and dealt with properly,” said Parker.