Trail Hair Salon Hitting its Post Pandemic Stride

jones and company

It's been a roller coaster ride for a Trail Hair Salon.

Less than two weeks after celebrating its 20th anniversary in early March, Jones & Co. closed for over two months because of COVID-19.

Owner Adrienne Jones said they are now booked until the end of July after undergoing painstaking and expensive preparations to re-open.

“We had to get signage and extra sanitizer and proper PPE and plexiglass and move stations around, there was a lot to do, a ton to do really,” said Jones who called it an expensive process.

“We hadn’t had any income in, I want to say at least three months almost and everything costs lots and lots of money right now, everything seems to be more expensive than normal,”  said the Trail business person.

Provincial health officials started allowing many business groups including hair salons to open again after the May long-weekend as BC moved into phase-two of its recovery plan, but Jones said they took a couple of extra days to get ready before inviting patrons back. 

Jones added having a steady stream of clients coming in and out of the salon has been a welcomed sight.

“We were really, really hoping it would be this busy, we want to make up for lost time,” said Jones who is thankful for a loyal clientele who has embraced the changes that had to be made to conform with BC work-safe guidelines.