Trail RCMP Adhere to the Bear Necessities During Weekend Calls

bear vs car

The bear got in, but couldn't get out.

Trail RCMP used a traffic cone to safely open a car door late Sunday night on Topping Street after a fully grown black bear managed to open an unlocked door to look for the garbage it smelled in the trunk.  The animal got trapped after the door shut behind it.

The bear who ravaged the car interior, left the area once freed by police.

Officers were also called about five hours earlier about a bear being spotted in the backyard of a Wilmes Lane residence.  It left before officers had a chance to respond.

Trail RCMP members were on hand for a verbal exchange Sunday between a local man and woman at Waneta Plaza.  The man, fearing a possible COVID-19 transmission, asked why the woman who had Alberta license plates was is in the city.  Police say she had been living in BC and not yet changed her plates.

On Saturday afternoon, officers stopped an emotionally distraught man from jumping off the Victoria Street Bridge.  Police say they were able to talk him out of jumping and found a knife, a razor blade, suspected illicit drugs and paraphernalia after searching him.  He was taken to hospital for a full medical assessment.

About four hours earlier, RCMP pulled over a 23-year-old man going 133 km/hr in an 80 km/hr zone on Highway 3-B near Bear Creek Road. The driver got a $368 ticket and the car will be impounded until the weekend.

Trail RCMP also said a man wanted on a provincial warrant turned himself in.

36-year-old Troy Harry Tremayne was arrested May 14 on Daniel Street.  Police suspected he was hiding in the Trail area after being accused of theft, break and enter, assault and other offenses including parole violations. 

Tremayne was released pending a Rossland Provincial Court appearance on June 11.