Trail RCMP Officer Busts the Same Couple Twice

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Familiarity breeds arrests.

The same Trail RCMP officer busted a local couple twice after finding drugs and cash in two different vehicles.

RCMP said he seized Fentanyl among three illegal substances and over 11-thousand dollars as well as a pick-up truck pulled over September 3rd on Highway 22 near Trail.

Police indicated the officer had a drug-sniffing dog check out the vehicle feeling the couple was acting suspiciously.

Methamphetamine, cocaine and over 27-thousand dollars were then recovered from a rented car pulled over during a Highway 3-B check-stop just over a week later.

In this case, another officer called the fellow RCMP member over when it was learned the driver’s license was suspended for 24-hours because of drug impairment.

The arresting officer from the previous incident recognized the couple and again employed the drug-sniffing dog who detected the odour of narcotics

The man and woman have been released a second time pending new charges with a court date already set in the original case.