Trail's Royal Theatre Re-Opening Soon

royal theatre

The owner of Trail's Royal Theatre said patrons will soon see the result of 600-thousand dollars in renovations.

Lisa Milne said she never would have believed their COVID-19 shut down would last this long and remembers the heart break of closing their doors back in March.

“Turning off the marquis breakers, literally I had tears in my eyes,” said Milne who was asked to describe what the last six months have been like amid the massive renovation.

“Does the word overwhelming sound right?’ asked the theatre owner who is astonished the pandemic induced shut-down has lasted into the fall.

“It’s actually been absolutely overwhelming, If someone had told me this in March when we had to suddenly close our doors that we would still be closed in September, I would have said…oh right,” said Milne who is encouraged and excited about unveiling the new Royal Theatre in the near future.

“You’re going to come into these beautiful new reclining seats, a new screen, we’ve taken it down in some places right to the old brick,” said Milne who added they are optimistic the community will like the new building which she hopes will still provide patrons with a place to escape and relax.

“I think we are going to be able to come out of this with a fighting chance of give Trail and area back the experience they have always been used to,” said Milne.

The renovations to the long-standing entertainment venue on Bay Street also included a new heating and air conditioning system.