Union and Company Commited to Safety at Teck Trail Operation

local 480

The President of United Steelworkers Local 480 remains confident the measures put in place at the Teck Trail Operation keeps the risk of virus transmission in the work place low.

Chris Walker feels the COVID-19 playbook developed with the company last March is just one example that workplace safety is a priority.

Walker pointed to adjusted shift schedules, reduced lunch room and change room access, extra sanitizing and the hiring of additional cleaning staff as among the policy changes made last spring to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The leader of the union local for production and maintenance workers at the Teck Trail Operation said daily meetings with company officials take workplace and community protection a step further.

“We have addressed every issue from both the community and each worker that has had issues, we’ve tried to address each issue and I think we have done a great job with both sides,” said Walker who added following through on the workplace protection plan is the key.

“If we follow the practices that are put in place, the risk of transmission is very minimal, it’s just important that we all follow the rules and not just at work, but in our daily lives as well so that we can all stay safe and healthy,”

Walker emphasized the harmonized safety commitment by union members and company officials to employees and community members.

“Everybody at Teck-Trail is going above and beyond to make sure we stay safe at work, not just in relation to COVID-19, but in relation to our daily lives, so hopefully that will address some fears and we can continue to work through this together,” said Walker.

Teck officials confirmed an employee at the Trail operation tested positive for COVID-19.  The result came in Sat. Sept. 6, six days after the worker’s last shift.