Update- Interior Health Not Commenting Salmo COVID-19 Count

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The COVID-19 count in Salmo is up to nine.

The Village reported no one in the office has tested positive but it will be closed for two weeks as a precaution.

The Library, Thrift Store, and Community Services are also closed.

The first case was a community services employee who last reported to work on Oct. 29.

Village officials said the Salmo Valley Youth building remains open but programs are postponed.  

The Salmo elementary and secondary schools are open.

Interior Health declines to confirm the numbers, comment on individual cases or where people may have contracted the virus, saying their investigation into infections throughout the broader Salmo area continues and the medical health officer has yet to declare an outbreak.  

Just across the border, the Northeast Tri County Health District said there were 38 new infections over the weekend, including two about 45km south of Salmo around Metaline Falls, seven in the Newport area about 150km south of Creston and eight in and around Colville.