Drake White Reveals Brain Disorder Diagnosis


Country singer Drake White has revealed that he was diagnosed earlier this year with a debilitating brain disorder.

White said he found out in January that he has arteriovenous malformation (AVM) – an irregular coil of veins and arteries that disrupts blood flow in the brain.

“It was basically stealing blood from my brain,” the 35-year-old told People. “The neurologist told me that I should be thankful it was caught in time because it could have been a stroke.”

The diagnosis came after White suffered an intense headache and started seeing spots in one eye and feeling numbness on the left side of his body. At the hospital, doctors told him he has likely had AVM since birth.

White has been undergoing embolization procedures to cut blood flow from the affected vessels. During a show last Friday in Virginia, the singer nearly collapsed on stage and was rushed to hospital. 

“Sorry we had to cut it short tonight. I’m getting checked out by some of Roanoke’s finest docs and will keep you posted,” he tweeted.