LISTEN: Shaye Reunites To Record 'God'


Kim Stockwood, Damhnait Doyle and Tara MacLean have reunited – virtually, of course – as Shaye to record a song that may be familiar to fans lucky enough to have caught the trio in concert.

“It used to be our encore song,” Stockwood noted, in a release.

On “God,” penned by singer-songwriter JEEN., the three Canadian singers harmonize: “God of all goodness / I’ve got problems / Oh I know that you’re tired / I know your days are long / God of all gracious / I got problems / If you could find the time / Would you ease my mind?”

JEEN. (aka Jeen O’Brien) said even though she wrote the song a long time ago, “it really feels like it was made for them.”

Shaye brought together the distinctive voices of three super-talented female artists eight years ago and gifted audiences with two albums, The Bridge and Lake of Fire. Their infectious 2003 single “Happy Baby” earned Juno and East Coast Music Awards nominations.

The group’s successful five-year run, which included extensive touring and an eponymous reality TV series, ended shortly after MacLean left in 2007 to focus on being a mom.

MacLean said she and her two friends planned to reunite for a tribute to the late Newfoundland singer-songwriter Ron Hynes at this year’s East Coast Music Awards, which was scrapped due to COVID-19.

“When that was cancelled, it was heartbreaking,” she said, in a release. “When Kim called about recording ‘God,’ it felt like the perfect way to come together again. The song is one of our favourites to sing together and we had never recorded it.

“It just felt so right singing together. Good for the heart.”

Stockwood said she woke up in the middle of the night singing “God” in her head. "The next day when I found all the lyrics, I teared up,” she recalled. “I just knew it needed to come into the world now.

“Music has always brought people together … it is the great healer. And so incredible to sing with the girls again, even from afar.”

Their powerful vocals are backed only by a guitar track recorded for a 2003 Shaye demo by Bill Bell, who also produced the song.

All three members of Shaye have kept busy with their own projects since disbanding and there has been no word whether “God” will jump start a full-fledged reunion.

But, Doyle said, “there’s been something very illuminating about being quarantined these last few months. You realize what’s important and what isn’t.

“At the end of the day the only thing that matters are your relationships with the people you love. I’m so happy to be singing in harmony with Kim and Tara again.”

Listen to “God” by Shaye below:

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