Angel donor makes himself known to local charity affected by pandemic

Fairview Cellars 10000 donation to H2H (Medium)

In a move to support local families, Fairview Cellars announces a major financial donation of $10,000 to a small, local charity.

“Because my business has thrived this season, even during this pandemic, I saw an opportunity to pay it forward to those in my area who may be struggling” says Bill Eggert, owner of Fairview Cellars.

The $10,000 in funding brings this donor’s total donation to $60,000 in four years. The gift goes directly to Highway to Healing Support Society (H2H) located here in the South Okanagan. Their mission is simple: To assist families from Osoyoos, Oliver and OK Falls who must travel to obtain medical care for their child. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, H2H has not been able to execute its usual fundraising efforts.

The donation is one of several made over the past years by Eggert to Highway to Healing.

“We are calling Bill our angel donor,” says Tracy MacFadden, President of Highway to Healing.  “We know Bill has always supported his community, but to benefit to this degree is astounding. This funding has allowed H2H to support families by taking away some of their financial worries during their time of crisis.”