Update from Osoyoos Mayor


Osoyoos is seeing a few more cancellations due to COVID-19.

In her weekly update, Mayor Sue McKortoff said the piano that normally sits in the park will be kept in storage for the year.

Music In The Park concerts and The Cherry Fiesta are also cancelled.

McKortoff said next year’s Cherry Fiesta will be even better.

“Frank Zandvliet who does the fireworks what going to do a special event this year because it’s his 25th anniversary show. He very sensibly has agreed that next year will be his 25th anniversary show and he and the committee have already got that sort of in the works and started,” said McKortoff.

One good thing!

KcKortoff said a farmer’s market is being planned.

“Food items only. So, no jewelry or anything like that this year, that isn’t allowed, but food items, such as fruits, vegetables and farm fresh eggs [are]."

She said the Farmer’s Market Committee is looking at setting up the area beside town hall, adding that more information on that is coming soon.

McKortoff has 35 years of experience as a teacher.

She had some words of advice for parents with kids at home right now.

“If you want to practise math, play monopoly, play cribbage, card games and the game of monopoly is a wonderful one because you have to strategize, you have to read things, you have to do math skills and it sounds like it’s a lot of fun and it is but it’s also teaching some skills too,” said McKortoff.

She said there are so many great things parents and children can do together to keep learning interesting and fun.