OSNS hosting bottle drive Friday May 29


Get those empties!

Members of the OSNS Child and Youth Development Centre in Penticton are coming together for a bottle drive Friday, May 29th.

Executive Director Manisha Wilms says you can call or email (info@osns.org) to have your bottles picked up from home or head over to the “Express Return It” lane at J&C Depot.

“You can go directly to the bottle depot and put in our phone number at OSNS, which is 250 492 0295. You can put in our phone number and you get a little label that you just put on your bag, you don’t have to sort or anything like that and the proceeds will come to us.”

OSNS is slowly starting to resume some in-person treatment services beginning with children waiting on their urgent list.

“We have a lot of fixed operating costs. They’re just fixed costs of the building, [that] are hard for us to manage right now,” said Wilms.

“Really what we need is we need support to not only keep the doors open but to buy the new equipment we need. Hand sanitizer stations and masks and gloves, all of those safety precautions that we now need to have.”

All proceeds will go towards OSNS treatment services for children with developmental challenges.