PIB reaffirms commitment to prevent development at Sickle Point


The Penticton Indian Band, syilx Nation — a Title and Rights holder responsible for the decision-making of lands, waters and resources within the unceded territory of the syilx Nation does not consent to development at Sickle Point.

Sickle Point has been utilized by the people of snpink’tn, syilx Nation, for hundreds of generations. “We are so honoured to have our language speakers and knowledge keepers to teach us the nsyilxcen placename for Sickle Point in our language, which is: ncaqeq?iwltn (phonetically: n-suck-ul-kay-ul-tn). It means a place to land or park a canoe and was used by our people as a camp and resting area” states Councillor Timmothy Lezard, the Lands and Natural Resources portfolio holder for the Penticton Indian Band.

The Penticton Indian Band continues to meet with the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen, local stakeholders and provincial and federal governments to reaffirm its position of “no development” at ncaqeq?iwltn.

“For generations the Provincial and Federal governments have allowed the sale and disposition of our lands and benefited from the development of our lands without meaningful consultation or consent from our community,” said Chief Greg Gabriel. “We have never consented to the disposition of our unceded lands within syilx Nation Territory."

"On February 9th PIB met with the Minister of Environment and Climate Change George Heyman, to discuss the removal of Sickle Point as a “fee simple” land and the return of this parcel to the Penticton Indian Band, snpink’tn syilx Nation. PIB will protect and preserve ncaqeq?iwltn in accordance with syilx Nation principles and practice for the good of all, for all time as is our right and responsibility.”

“We are pleased to work with the Regional District and local stakeholders who share similar views; by working together we can ensure that these lands are returned to their rightful owners, the syilx people, to be conserved and protected for all time."