Residents advised of upcoming burning off Evergreen Drive

city of penticton

The City of Penticton Fire Department is advising residents in the area of Evergreen Drive that a burn permit has been issued to Bluff at Skaha GP Inc, for the purpose of disposing of vegetation material that was cleared in 2019.

To facilitate this work, a managed open air burning plan is in place under the City of Penticton Fire & Life Safety Bylaw 2004-57 and the BC Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation.  Both these regulations allow for open air burning under strict conditions that limit the impact on air quality while allowing the vegetation debris to be removed in an efficient and economical way.

Property owners in the area have been notified of the forthcoming burn, for which a permit has been issued for the period of February 4 through April 15.

“The issuing of this permit will enable this new development to meet the requirements and eventual certification of Fire Smart Canada”, said Penticton Fire Prevention Officer, Captain Mike Richards.  “The Fire Smart Canada Community Recognition Program is designed to limit and mitigate the risk of a wildfire spreading to the development. The Bluffs at Skaha Development has fully cooperated with these conditions and is committed to building a Fire Smart Community.”