LISTEN: Finneas Shares Holiday Single 'Another Year'


Finneas has released “Another Year,” a holiday-themed song about simply wanting to spend more time with the one he loves.

“I wrote this song this time last year,” he explained on Instagram, “but if I had known what would happen in the following 12 months, I wouldn’t have changed a line.

“Hope it gives you a little comfort.”

On the track, Finneas eschews Christmas tales (“I don’t believe that Jesus Christ was born to save me / That’s an awful lot of pressure for a baby”) and New Year’s traditions (“I don’t believe a resolution’s gonna change me / That’s an awful lot of bulls**t ain’t it, baby?”).

He sings about the only gift he needs: “Don’t waste a dime on me / I just want your company.”

Listen to “Another Year” below: