Catch up with Mayor Gary Sulz

Phase two of reopening B.C’s economy mid-May, means the reopening of retail, beaches, and provincial parks.

Phase 3 in June will see hotels, and some camping grounds join the bunch.

In a weekly catch-up with Revelstoke Mayor Gary Sulz, he said there’s a plan in place to protect against tourist transmission of COVID-19.

“There’s going to be some guidelines coming out from the provincial government as to how we mandate that thing moving forward. Secondly, we should be able to police things ourselves and when I’m talking about that as if every human in the community is self policing, as far as physical distancing and protecting themselves,” said Sulz.

Sulz said public health has advised him to encourage the public to wear masks when physical distancing is not possible.

He said if very business has measures and individuals follow those rules, everyone will be safe.

“In every business, if we do that, have the sneeze guards in place, those sorts of things by the tills then we’re protecting that and then we expect those that come to the community will be abiding by the rules because if we’re self-policing we can say to others ‘please, we would like you to follow these rules when you come into our retail establishments’.”

He said that this allows the community to move forward without bullying and does so in a polite manner, adding that the goal is to make residents feel comfortable in their own community.

Separate from COVID-19 Mayor Sulz touched on the Townley roundabout.

Every year there are a few confused R.Vers and logging trucks navigating it.

With construction of the ‘Townley Roundly’ underway, there’s a detour route in place for bigger trucks to avoid it.

“We’re hoping to divert all the trucks to the eastern access. So, they’ll go along the Trans-Canada, the eastern access, come down the eastern access, turn down Oscar to Edward. Come down Edward, go around to the mill and when they exit the mill they are now actually going to be going out through Centennial Park up Campbell to 3rd, down 3rd to Pearson and then out to Victoria road.”

Sulz said the detour will take away traffic issues at the tight corners on Vernon and Robson.

Speed limits are dropped to 30km along the route and parking restrictions are in place.