Temporary access restriction summit area: Mt. Revelstoke National Park


A grizzly bear feeding in the summit area of Mount Revelstoke National Park is becoming increasingly bold and fearless of people. This puts people and the bear at risk. To help keep bears and people safe, Parks Canada is implementing a temporary hiking restriction for the summit area of the park. Until further notice, visitors hiking in this area must travel in groups of four or more.

Parks Canada has been working hard to protect a grizzly that regularly uses the summit area. The bear’s location and behaviour are monitored, when possible, to better understand its movements and travel patterns, and to better manage both the bear and people in high use areas to reduce the risk of negative encounters.

This week the bear has been feeding in the summit area. It is important for bears to be able to feed relatively undisturbed and find good, natural food sources in the fall to ensure longevity and survival. Male grizzly bears need to consume around 30,000 calories a day, and before winter sets in, they need to store enough fat reserves to see them through to Spring.

Until further notice, hiking parties must be in a group size of four adults or more for all trails in the summit area including Koo Koo Sint, Fire Lookout, First Footsteps, Eva, Miller and Jade Lakes trails. The maximum distance between two individuals must not exceed 3 metres and should be less when sight or hearing is reduced by the physical surroundings.

It is strongly recommended that hikers carry bear spray and know how to use it.