Back To Class For Parkview Elementary Students


A return to class for Parkview Elementary students this morning.

Students have been out since health concerns closed the school two months ago.

SD83 Superintendant Peter Jory has the good news from Sicamous, saying "Happy to report that the students are back in session in Parkview this morning - lots of smiling faces, adults and kids alike."

He says made his own appearence this morning "Did a bit of a muffin-run and a check-in, seems to be going very well."

Teachers moved back in over the weekend, and Jory says there's lots of energy right now "Everybody was running on a bit of excitement and adrenaline, and was very pleased to be returning and to have some normalcy back. My concern is, days and weeks from now when that excitement and happiness wears off - and you have to find another resource of energy to keep on going until you get a break."