Council Moves Ahead With Grant Request For Arena Upgrades


The City of Revelstoke is making a push for upgrades to the Revelstoke Forum.

Council has agreed to apply for a $9M grant - through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.

Mayor Gary Sulz has details, saying "We're applying for a grant for the replacement of the roof of the Revelstoke Forum, adding an elevator or lift system to get disabled people down and in, as well as a new vestibule, and a female change room."

He tells us that the roof is structurally sound, but is still a problem, saying "The issue is snow loads. It's not able to hold the snow with the new building guidelines, so we've budgeted where we can shovel it a couple of times a year - if need be, but you can't keep doing that forever."

Tuesday's Council Agenda shows that it costs $20,000 every time the roof needs shoveling.

Council hopes to hear word on this funding by the end of May.