Evacuation alert issued for Salmon Arm Property - Tuesday June 30 16:05 pm


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Land slippage and bank erosion at the Ravenscroft Strata in Salmon Arm has resulted in one property being put under an evacuation alert as of June 30, 2020.

A single-family dwelling, located at 4425-13 Street NE, has been affected.

An evacuation alert means property owners can remain on-site, but must be prepared to leave the area on short notice from emergency officials.

The alert has been put in place due to landslide risk, as the unstable bank is near the home's foundation and further erosion could compromise the safety of the structure.

It follows land slippage on a slope in the area, which has experienced higher-than-normal amounts of rainfall in recent weeks.  

Due to concerns regarding slope stability, a Preliminary Landslide Hazard Assessment report has been obtained from a geotechnical engineering firm. This report recommended the evacuation alert for this particular property.

No other properties in the Ravenscroft Strata are affected at this time.

The public is advised to keep away from the affected area.

The area continues to be monitored and the evacuation alert will remain in place until further notice.