Feeding Bears Lead To National Park Restrictions

Bear Aware 2

Feeding bears have forced several closures in our local National Parks.

Balu Pass in Glacier National Park is now closed after a recent incident.

Shelley Bird with Parks has details "We've had some encounters with groups of hikers in Balu Pass and a bear trying to feed in the area, including a bluff-charge not too long ago. The decision was made to close that trail and give the bear some space."

Bird says that another incident has led to a ban on dogs at the Summit of Mount Revelstoke "An off leash dog chased a bear, and the bear turned around and chased the dog back to its owner. Fortunately it all ended well, as the bear moved on, but given the repeated offenses of dogs off-leash it was decided to not allow dogs at the Summit."

She says it's still summer for us, but almost winter for fattening bears.