Landslide near Seymour Arm damages infrastructure


The 1200 Forest Servce Road near Bass Creek in Seymour Arm has been repaired and is open to vehicle traffic.

The private water system is running on a temporary line and the people in charge of the water system continue to work on plans for a long-term repair.

The issue in Seymour Arm highlighted the importance of the Neighbourhood Emergency Programs in operation around the Shuswap.

In this case, the Neighbourhood Emergency Program coordinator in Seymour Arm was able to assist the Shuswap Emergency Program (SEP) with assessing and communicating community needs. This allowed the Shuswap Emergency Program to be responsive and efficient in providing assistance.

SEP was able to secure funds from Emergency Management BC for a water tanker truck to be dispatched to the area to supply water on a temporary basis to affected residents. 

The residents were very appreciative of the effort. Monitoring and additional repair work is still ongoing.

To find out more about how to start a NEP group in your neighbourhood, contact 250.833.5927 or email