No Injuries From Tuesday Boat Fire On Shuswap Lake


A Tuesday boat fire in the Sorrento area of Shuswap Lake.

Sean Coubrough with CSRD Fire Services has word from the scene, saying "There was a boat moored off shore on a buoy that was fully engulfed in flames, First Responders were on scene treating the person who was actually on the boat at the time - he was forced to bail and swim to shore."

He says that no one was hurt in the end "The individual himself was treated at the scene and not transported to hospital. He was released."

Coubrough says it appears to relate to a mechnical issue "They were on the boat attempting to start it up - the fire occurred - and they were unable to control it with anything they had onboard at that time."

The next steps are already in the works, according to Coubrough "The boat did end up sinking, and the Ministry of the Environment has been notified, EMBC as well. I believe the Coast Guard has been in contact with the Fire Department regarding salvaging the vessel."