RCMP warning of Bitcoin Scam


The following is a description of a scam that has been going through Salmon Arm in the past few weeks:
RCMP telling the story in hopes of helping otheres spot the fraud.

The potential victim receives a call which initially starts with a robot saying that their social insurance number will be cancelled if you don't press 1.

One local person has pressed 1 and was greeted by a guy who was posing as a CRA agent. The person posing as a CRA agent then told the victim that his/her social insurance number was used to open 25 illegal bank accounts in a number of places. The victim denied this so he got me on the line with another person posing as a "RCMP" officer who basically confirmed what the "bench code agent" said before referring the victim back to the first fraudster. The fraudster then got the victim to "drive" down to the bank, get all the money the victim could and then deposit the money in the local bitcoin ATM to a government "safety deposit box". The scam can change in wording but it always involves purchasing Bitcoin. This scam also uses numbers that originate in Ontario or Quebec and then the victim will get a call from the local Salmon Arm RCMP number.
This number comes up on call display so the victim thinks it is a real Police Officer calling them. In this case the displayed number is being "spoofed" and is not the local detachment.

Most of these scams come from other countries and the caller may (but not always) have a strong accent.

If you have been the victim of this scam please contact your local Police and report it. Your are then dialing a known number direct to our detachment. You can call us or "drive" to the detachment to report the incident.

Please note:

The government does not cancel Social Insurance Numbers.
The government does not accept payment in Bitcoin.
If someone tells you your personal information was used to open accounts your first call should be to your own bank and get them to check for any other accounts in your name.The CRA does not threaten you with immediate arrest if you do not comply and does not have magistrates or bench code agents.
In this case the person being defrauded reported this to the police. We were able to advise them to stop all of these transactions which has been done.