Repairs to Sunnybrae water intake complete


Repairs to the Sunnybrae Water System's intake line have been completed and water system users should be noticing an improvement in the clarity of their water.  

A leak in the system's main water intake line was discovered in December and plans were to repair it in early January. The leak in the water line was causing sediment to enter the intake pipe resulting in higher turbidity levels in the water supply.

Severe winter weather delayed some of the attempts to repair the system, however, crews were able to complete it last week by sealing off the leak.

The repair was able to be made by inserting tools and a camera down the waterline and using a special epoxy that expands within the pipe to seal off the leak. These tools allowed the pipe to be fixed without digging down more than 20 feet to that section of pipe. Crews continue to test the repair by pumping water through the system. 

Photo at right: Contractors prepare a set of tools wrapped with a section of a special epoxy material to repair the Sunnybrae water intake line. When inserted into the water line at the site of the leak, the epoxy bonds to the inside of the pipe, sealing off the leak.