School is back this week

school district 83

The kids are back to school this week.

There will be orientation sessions for them about COVID-19 protocols.

They will also be introduced to their "co-horts."

"In our elementary and middle schools we're setting up co-horts of no more than sixty students and adults, and at secondary we're at one hundred and twenty." says North Okanagan-Shuswap School District Superintendent Peter Jory.  "

In addition custodians will be working daytime hours to help ensure cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

"That's the case in all our schools, we've gone to a daytime custodian model," says Jory.  "If it's a small school there's going to be one person there to start the day, and in the bigger schools they're be two or three or four."

School is back Thursday, September 10th.