Self Care Day

My Routine: Is it time for a Self-care day?

There are so many benefits to a “Self-care Day.” I mean one, you’re taking care of your physical body and appearance; two, you’re taking care of your mental health. We know this, yet we still put it off. This is for anyone, male or female, who always puts others ahead of themselves, can never seem to find time for themselves, and to the person who would rather just stay in bed.

This is a rude awakening. It definitely was for me a year ago when I had to fight my way through depression. I honestly never thought that was something that was an actual disease. Depression took over my whole body, mind and my life. Ever since then, self-care days are more than just a hot both and wine. It is whatever you have been wanting to, but haven’t had the time to do. A teacher once said to me, “Never give up what makes you happy, no matter what you’re doing.” This was in reference to running because that makes me happy, but it can be hard to find time to be free with yourself and really appreciate a nice run without thinking about the stresses of life or thinking about the next shift you have to get to.

Find that time to read that book, take that bath, wear that face mask… do whatever makes you happy!

No one knows how hard this is than me. This is coming from the girl who has multiple jobs with sometimes not more than an hour to go for a run and then get to the next job. Sometimes I make it work and sometimes I don’t, but the point is you don’t forget about yourself or you’ll lose yourself. I try to have a “Self-care Day” at least once every two weeks. And I mean the works, this self-care will take a good 4+ hours. But it is also important to do little things for yourself throughout the week as well. Even as simple as making yourself a cup of coffee rather than spending that money buying one. Or buying a coffee, because you don’t always have that luxury.

Saturday’s Self-Care Regimen:  

  • I started the day with a morning French press of coffee – so delicious!
  • I went on to play some music and get started with me time.
  • Today was all about the physical appearance to make my mind feel better as I know I hadn’t taken care of my face and body in a minute.
  • I jumped in the shower and took a long shower, you know shaved legs, washed hair, exfoliated.
  • Once I was all washed up I started with some masks: if you’ve never tried this, you should – mud mask, wait for it… on your butt! Yes, I did a mud mask on my butt and back of my legs. Sitting a lot can give me red bumps and after a mud mask, everything is feeling so smooth!
  • I continued with another mask on my face
  • I used all of my special creams on my face and body
  • I used a lip scrub to make those puppies kissable again going into the colder weather
  • I even plucked my eyebrows

I felt so good after this and wanted to recommend for you to create your own regime. Mine changes every time, I don't really plan it. Just listen to your body and do you!