Summerland to receive funding for local organics processing facility


The District of Summerland is excited to announce they will receive grant funding for improvements to the Summerland Sanitary Landfill composting operations, from the governments of Canada and British Columbia through the Organics Infrastructure Program. The grant award will total $2,371,500. $1,581,000 (2/3rds of the cost) will be covered by the Federal and Provincial Governments, the remaining third will be funded by the District of Summerland.

The Organics Infrastructure Program funding will help Summerland reduce community greenhouse gas emissions, expand its processing capacity for handling local municipal and agricultural organic wastes and increase diversion of residential organic wastes currently buried for use in producing additional high-quality compost products.  The program will also prolong the life of the Summerland Sanitary Landfill.

The facility will relocate the current composting operations to a new site within the landfill boundary. Technology and infrastructure will be upgraded to improve operations, provide more robust environmental protection and greatly reduce the possible occurrence of odours. Upon completion the community will have access to a new Class ‘A’ compost product that has been created by diverting their agricultural and residential food scraps, currently collected under the curbside program or hauled to the landfill, from the District’s waste stream. The new compost product will be in addition to the current high-quality Class ‘A’ biosolids compost produced and sold at the landfill.

“A local Organics Processing Facility at our landfill is good news for Summerland,” said Mayor Toni Boot. “The production of a soil amendment that does not contain biosolids will certainly be a benefit to the area’s agricultural producers, but the diversion of agricultural and residential food waste from the landfill makes financial sense for the entire community. Doing so will extend the life of the Summerland Landfill, giving us more time to build the Reserve account for what will, inevitably, be a significant replacement cost. We are delighted that our application has been selected to receive Provincial and Federal dollars for this important project.”

The District will provide public engagement opportunities as it progresses, and has created a dedicated webpage for easy access to information and responses to questions the community may have regarding the Summerland Organics Processing Facility Project.