City of Terrace replaces three stop signs due to vandalism

Terrace City Hall Sign

Swastikas signs have been painted on stop signs in Terrace, and Mayor Carol LeClerc says it is disheartening that type of behavior is moving into our community, as global hateful behaviour seems to be on the rise.

The City was alerted about the vandalism on three separate occasions, two of which were at the same location. 

The first happened twice at the corner of Munroe Street. And Davis Avenue on Tuesday, which was replaced both times. 

A third sign was also discovered yesterday on Eby Street. And Loen Avenue which was also repaired.

This isn't the first time the northwest has seen an act like this -- in early October; there was an act of hate and intolerance in Smithers where the Confederate flag was strung across Main Street. 

Community leaders soon after denounced the incident.