A WestJet flight experienced a rough landing at the Northwest Regional Airport

WestJet Flight#3107

The Northwest Regional Airport was launched into action when a plane suffered the partial collapse of the nose wheel on a WestJet flight during its landing. Flight #3107 touched down at approximately 9:06 pm Friday when the nose gear had a partial collapse. Regional Airport Manager, Carman Hendry, described the events on Saturday.

"Emergency vehicles attended; there were no injuries. All of the passengers were taken from the aircraft, and the crew, to the terminal building. There are techs with WestJet on their way here from Calgary to work on it. The airport is working very closely with the airline to expedite the removal of the aircraft from the runway so that the airport can re-open."

Hendry provided CFTK with an update saying the aircraft was taken off the runway at 5 pm on Saturday, and the terminal was back in operation by 6 pm. Not only did this incident affect operations at the Terrace Kitimat airport, but also the passengers aboard the plane. Passenger Matthew Raposo, says it was a scary experience.

"Coming into the approach, the landing gear was out prematurely from typical approaches. I think it was out 5 to 10 minutes before we actually touched down, so, I think, instead of both back tires touching down at the same time, the left side touched down first, and the plane veered left, I believe, and it was kind of skidding. Then, all of a sudden, we overcorrected and went to the right-hand side. Almost felt we were going to roll a bit, then the plane came back under control. At that time, you felt the front landing gear buckle; lights were flickering, the plane lost momentum and skidded to a stop. The engines were still running; then, they just shut off. All the people on the plane clapped and cheered."

Raposo says that the airport responded well to the incident but felt like they weren't kept in the loop by the pilot.

"We sat on the plane for 45 minutes; I think before we got addressed by the pilot, which was a bit odd. The front doors were opened, and the emergency response was there, and they escorted us onto a bus. The emergency response was probably on the plane within 5 minutes of touching down. They were pretty quick."

WestJet sent CFTK a statement regarding the incident, affirming that WestJet maintenance personnel were dispatched to Terrace via Prince Rupert and arrived around 3:00 pm on Saturday. Upon their arrival, they assessed the aircraft and worked to remove the plane from the runway.

WestJet says they were in communication with all affected guests and worked through re-accommodation options. They recommend that if any guests have outstanding concerns, to contact WestJet. They have also apologized for the inconvenience this incident has caused to their guests and the airport community.

When contacted, Westjet would not provide any further information regarding the incident. CFTK will provide further updates as they become available.