BC Bus North is getting a makeover


The N-I-A-C is working with diversified transportation to have local indigenous artists get their work on the side of four B-C North Busses.
applications are open until May and Director of N-I-A-C, Diane Lavesque says that they were more than happy when they received the call about this.
 "To begin with we received an email from diversify transportation limited, which is a company in Canada, and BC Bus North which is out of British Columbia, the director contacted me, and said that they would like some indigenous art placed on their four busses that run in the northern region, so it's an awesome opportunity."
Lavesque adds that while it wont only make the busses look nicer, it is a wonderful opportunity for local artists to get some recognition.
 "Well I think it's making awareness for indigenous artists in the northern region.  We have a lot of unknown indigenous artists, so I think it's an opportunity for up and coming as well as artists who are well known, for up and coming artists who are out there and it also kind of represents the communities."
The deadline for submissions is on May 7th, and can include up to three entries.