BC Housing Proposal

Tamitik Status Of Women


Kitimat City Council held a meeting this week to discuss a number of topics including the development of the Tamitik Status of Women's housing project. Representatives from B.C Housing explained how this project will change the lives of women and children living in violence. The project appears to have checked a number of boxes in order to gain the support it needs. That includes a look at the impact of the proposed building on its neighbours.

Mayor Phil Germuth says "The other part of the project, we did building height comparisons just to see what the other buildings in the sounding area were and trees. There was also a sun shade study that was brought forward that was done by the component to show. There was concern about last public hearing from the residents of Strawberry Meadows, that potentially with this project shading their properties right where they are growing their fruits and vegetables. So it's good to see that study done that no current residents of Strawberry Meadows are affected by this project."

The next step in the district's approval process will be a public hearing next week.