Boston Pizza is closed due to a positive COVID-19 test result.

Out of caution, the Terrace Boston Pizza has temporarily closed their doors. On Friday, December 4th, a staff member received a positive COVID-19 test result. The employee last worked on Saturday, November 28th. They began to self isolate after showing symptoms several days after their last shift and did not return to work. On the Boston Pizza Facebook page, the restaurant stated that their primary concern is safety for their guests and staff. 

They immediately closed the restaurant for a complete and thorough cleaning, contacted public health authorities, and followed their direction.The post went on to say that they are working closely with municipal and provincial health authorities and will re-open for business once they receive approval to do so. They will continue to reinforce COVID-19 procedures and protocols, including increased sanitization and enforcing social distancing throughout the restaurant.

Spokesperson for Northern Health, Eryn Collins, said the health authority could not confirm or comment on specific instances of COVID-19, but she said public health officials would directly contact anyone the health authority deems to be at risk of having contracted the virus.