Candidates for the City of Terrace by-election have been announced

Terrace Sign

The City of Terrace has announced that a municipal by-election will occur on Saturday, June 5th, to fill the vacant councillor seat of Jessica McCallum-Miller, who gave her resignation in February.

Those interested in running for Council had to submit their nominations before April 30th. 

City of Terrace Chief Election Officer Cathy Jackson released the list of candidates, including Dave Gordon, Alexander Pietralla, Amandeep Saini and Joely Viveiros.

May 4th is the deadline for anyone to challenge a candidate’s nomination. The Chief Election Officer has until May 7th to provide a decision on any challenges. 

May 7th is also the deadline for a candidate to withdraw their name or for anyone to withdraw their endorsement of a candidate. 

On May 10th, the Chief Election Officer will provide a declaration of the election. 

Advance voting opportunities and mail-in voting opportunities will be available in advance of the general voting day on June 5th. 

Advance voting and general voting will be held at the Main Arena at the Terrace Sportsplex. 

A COVID-19 safety plan is in place to conduct the election safely during the pandemic.