Conference Board of Canada shares how LNG Canada has helped the Haisla Nation


The Conference Board of Canada released a new report stating how Liquified Natural Gas development is delivering economic and social opportunities for Indigenous Peoples, and is well positioned to advance reconciliation in Canada

Locally, LNG Canada has helped bring a number of changes to the Haisla Nation. 

Elected Chief Councillor Chrystal Smith, said she had seen the transformation in their community regarding members' independence and their success in the last two years. 

"The amount of mortgages that have been approved and supported by our council is abolutlely amazing. We are able to invest money into an apartment complex that is currently being built in our community"

LNG Canada also provided programs that are helping the Hiasla culture become more prominent within the newer generation. 

The director of Health for the nation, Lucille Harms, said the community is seeing programs being built  that hasn't been seen before. 

"The Haisla Health Centre now has a room for traditional healing and traditional medicine, and that has never been done before. We are able to fund our youth and elders programs and, for the first time, ever have a cultural language department. 

The report provides examples of Indigenous communities and LNG proponents establishing meaningful, respectful and mutually beneficial relationships and providing tailored opportunities that address community interests, including preserving traditional languages and promoting cultural heritage.