Copperside Estates tries to find solution to Water Quality Advisory


Residents of Copperside Estates east of Terrace have asked the Kitimat Stikine Regional District to take control of their local water system saying the current water provider is failing to address contamination problems.

In October Northern Health issued a boil water advisory after the water tested positive for E. coli.

Chief Administrative Officer Ron Poole says regional district staff will take the water users' petition to the R-D board with a report outlining how it could go about running the system.

"Unlike Prince Rupert or the City of Terrace, where they provide water and everyone in town pays for it. Where as in a Regional District the only people who would pay for that water system are the people who benefit from it. And in order for us to do that, if they say yes we want you to take it over we see the cost to buy it, operate it, upgrade it and we are okay to pay that, then we do what's called a established service area. We put a bylaw into place the province gets involved and the residence than have to sign another petition that says 50% or more are okay with this service."

Poole notes it could take as much as two years to complete the process if Copperside residents approve a final plan.