Crews at work creating a detour after Kispiox Bridge was damaged


The Kispiox Valley Road bridge is currently closed until further notice. Yesterday, around 8:00 a.m., the bridge was severely damaged by a snowplow and was promptly closed to all traffic to evaluate the damage. Since then, it has been opened for foot traffic only. 

In a Facebook post, the Kispiox Band Council says they are currently working on opening up the Mitten FSR as a detour route. They have sent a grader from the Kispiox side and are waiting for a progress update. Other necessary equipment required to resolve the issue is being sent from Stewart and Meziadin to assist the D8 and DRM grader.

Dawson Road Maintenance says they are currently waiting for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure's engineers to arrive on the scene for further assessment. DRM is partnering with MoTI and the Forests Ministry to consider using a suitable alternate route as a detour. 

No detour is currently available, creating an inconvenience and possible danger for the Kispiox Valley residents who access services and work in the Hazeltons or beyond. For the time being, emergency preparations have been put in place. 

Dawson confirmed they have begun clearing the one possible detour, a logging road. It could take up to a week. Once the "Mitten" has been cleared, residents would have an extended trip to get where they are going, and this is if the access is even passable.