Dog at Large Shot and Killed Friday by Prince Rupert RCMP

Sent in by Sofia Cardoso

Police in Prince Rupert say they were forced to shoot and kill a dog that was reportedly acting aggressively in Seal Cove on Friday morning.

Both the RCMP and the City issued news releases over the weekend, saying officers were called by the city's bylaw officers at around 11:20 AM Friday, to help with a dog that was on the loose.

RCMP said that due to the history of the dog attacking a member of the community and the dangerous and aggressive behaviour displayed during the interaction, they made the difficult and unfortunate decision to put the dog down, in order to protect the safety of community members.

The dog's owner, Sofia Cardoso, wrote in a Facebook message to a CFTK reporter that her dog Choppo was labelled aggressive after scaring a postal worker who she say cut through their yard and added the bite the mail carrier claims to have gotten was likely a scratch after her boyfriend witnessed the carrier fall off the trailer hitch after being startled by the dog. Cardoso claims Choppo had no other history of biting or attacking anyone. 

The City of Prince Rupert offered condolences to the owners of the dog in a public release, but Cardoso says they haven't spoken to anyone from the city directly and the RCMP have offered little information to the couple.

The dog was in the care of a relative at the time of the incident, and Cardoso says her and her boyfriend feel disrespected by the city and the police at the lack of transparency.

The city and RCMP have not responded to requests for comment at this time.