Fire at Skeena Saw Mill

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Just before 5am this morning workers at Skeena Saw Mill working near one of the cutting heads noticed some smoke which turned into flames.

A fire had started in the basement area underneath a piece of equipment. Mill workers were able to extinguish the flames, but the fire had already spread to the floor above, which is when fire crews were called and then arrived shortly after.

There were no injuries and Deputy Fire Chief Dave Jephson says the efforts by the crew at the mill made a big difference.

"You know they're aware of that right, everybody wants the mill to keep working. So they have their fire crews there, they have their buckets of water. So as soon as they saw the fire they started fighting it  And then when when we get there it was already knocked down quite a bit but because it was in the floor and there was lots of smoke that is obviously when we kick in."

The Cause of the Fire is still under investigation.