Flights Delayed at the Terrace/Kitimat Airport as WestJet Nose wheel breaks on landing

WestJet Plane

The Northwest Regional Airport remains closed as of Saturday, Feb 1st due to the partial collapse of the nose wheel on a WestJet flight during its landing. Flight # 3107 touched down at approx. 9:06 pm Friday evening when the nose gear had a partial collapse. Regional Airport Manager, Carman Hendry, provided us with an update on the details


“The aircraft is still on the middle of the runway. Emergency vehicles attended, there were no injuries. All of the passengers were taken from the aircraft, and the crew, to the terminal building. There are techs with WestJet on their way here from Calgary to work on it. The airport is working very closely with the airline to expedite the removal of the air craft from the runway so that the airport can re-open. Please contact your airline for rescheduling.”


The pilot is being praised for his reaction in keeping the aircraft stable and under control.


“With a collapsed nose gear he sure did a good job getting it down. There were no injuries so he did a great job.”


The aircraft remains in the runway as it awaits a team of mechanics and engineers which will lift the nose of the aircraft in order to apply equipment on the undercarriage to remove it from the runway. The airport is expected to be re-opened by the end of the day and it may result in the cancellation of up to 6 flights.


"Approximately six flights today if we can get it off, depending how long it takes us to get it off the runway. There was a last flight in for Air Canada was affected, of course last night, and we hope to be back in business this afternoon."


Even though they hope to have the airport up and running as soon as possible It is unknown when the airport will re-open so it is recommended that any passengers with flights scheduled to leave in the coming days, should consult their airlines website to obtain info on their flights status.