Flights Resume at YXT


All flights are listed as "on time" at the Northwest Regional Airport -- but passengers are being urged to check flight schedules just to be sure -- after a hard landing by a WestJet flight late Friday night closed down the airport for a while Saturday. 

Airport manager Carman Hendry says the nose gear of Westjet flight 31-07 partially collapsed.
"Emergency vehicles attended, there were no injuries. All of the passengers were taken from the aircraft, and the crew, to the terminal building," he said.

There were 42 passengers and four crewmembers on board the Q-400 aircraft.
WestJet technicians were flown in from Calgary, and worked with airport staff to remove the plane from the runway. 

It's recommended passengers with flights scheduled to leave in the coming days consult their airline's website to obtain info on their flight's status.