Information regarding the inland port in Terrace is available on the city's website

Inland Port 2

A new link on the City of Terrace's web page has been created to provide residents with a portal to obtain up to date information on the inland port facility planned on Keith Avenue.

It will give an event timeline and the city's next steps in the process, such as open houses, public hearings and special council meetings. The dates for those events are yet to be determined.

Currently, Terrace Council has amended the OCP by-laws to accommodate the proposed inland port facility on Keith Ave.

Site in transition designation has been removed on the seven addresses encompassing the proposed site.

4760 Keith Avenue has been changed from commercial to industrial and 4800 Keith Avenue from industrial to Park.

The Keith Neighbourhood Concept plan by-law changes to allow light industrial that was previously dedicated as multi-family residential.

Passed second reading and have been recommended to proceed to a public consultation on the by-law changes.

Documents pertinent to the project, such as application documents, feasibility study, developer Progressive Ventures input and the Keith Estates Neighbourhood Concept Plan, will be accessible.