Keifer Collison represents Northwest BC in Big Brother Canada

Keifer and Family 2

She's "Keifin" it real alongside many Northwest residents by supporting Haida Gwaii's Keifer Collison in this season's Big Brother Canada. Collison's partner Jericho Bevan said that he always wanted to be on the show and they were shocked to receive the news. Bevan said the outpouring of support from the community has been tremendous. She says Facebook fan pages have been created with people expressing their pride for his community representation.

"I had so many messages of support for him, and people are just excited for him. There are people watching the show this year that have never watched it before just to watch him, so that pretty amazing. He has represented the indigenous community, not just the Northwest, but he has support in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, down in the United States, and people are so proud to see an indigenous person succeed on this platform."

But when it comes to a welcome home party, Bevan says....

"Well, I know some people want to do a parade, but at this time, I'm going to let him come home and relax and decompress from this crazy experience because he has been gone for three months at this point. Let him enjoy his time alone and be back home with his family, so I think we will go from there."

Bevan said Keifer's main goal was not to be eliminated first, and the fact that he has made it this far exceeds expectations. The next episode, airing tomorrow, will determine if he makes it to the top three.