Keith Avenue Tim Hortons' forced to close after fire


Fire crews received a call just before four in the morning on April 4th, and responded to the Tim Hortons on Keith Avenue in Terrace.

Employee’s reported that they began noticing a small amount of smoke begin to fill the restaurant and attempted to use a fire extinguisher to put it out. This had little to no effect so it was at that time they called the Terrace Fire Department.

Fire crews arrived shortly after 4 A.M. and had the fire extinguished shortly after 8 A.M. and reported no injuries.

As of now the fire is still under investigation, but store manager Janine Kraft says she believes it was electrical.
Kraft also spoke very highly of her employee’s who were quick to act with the fire extinguisher and then did the right thing by calling the fire department.

She also says that the Keith Avenue location will be closed for some time, so to help the other location in downtown Terrace deal with the extra customer levels, some members of her team are able to pick up shifts there as well.