Ksan housing project in Terrace aims to begin in summer


A new housing project for women and children fleeing domestic violence is currently in the works.

It will be located beside the Ksan Council and Support Centre on Lazelle Ave.

The new three storey structure would function as second stage housing, and provide a large variety of programs to help women and children who are trying to escape dangerous situations.

Ksan Society currently has a small house with two units available but Lisa Schmidt, the Director of Counselling and Support Programs says it is less than ideal because it is easily accessible being on ground level.

The new facility will function with limited staff and have security as well as cameras operating at all times.

While the first stage is offered rent free for typically 1-2 months, the new facility would have an adjusted rent, but help those recovering get back on their feet.

It will also have a small gathering area on each floor so neighbours can gather and connect with each other.

Ksan is hopeful to begin construction come the summer, and have it completed in the following 18 months.