PC Leader Erin O’Toole addresses Terrace Issues


On Tuesday afternoon, the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce organized to have Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole address questions from the public.


The meeting was conducted over Zoom, and O’Toole responded to questions and concerns on a variety of topics such as racism and indigenous reconciliation, homelessness, and infrastructure.


A major point he also emphasized was the importance of sustaining the economy once the pandemic is over.


“It means working with all sectors, to make sure there is a recovery for the workers and families who are worried about Canada’s prospects post COVID-19.” said O’Toole, “when we start shutting down our economy, we’re making ourselves poorer, providing our children with more debt.”


City Council member Sean Bujtas later asked O’Toole what he thought a possible solution might be for the drug use problem in Terrace and all of B.C.


“People that suffer with an addiction, people that suffer with mental health, we need compassion there.” O’Toole said, “I think we’ve always tried to show compassion, but we have got to do it better.”


Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce President, Tom Keller,  says that O’Toole and his people reached out to them to arrange the interview, and it is important for these kinds of things to continue in the future to help cities like Terrace and the LNG Project in Kitimat.


“We need to get the needs of our community out there” said Keller, “but we’re also sitting on top of the largest private investment in Canadian history, we need peoples ears and we will take it any time we can.”


Keller added with a smile, that after a visit from Jagmeet Singh last year, there is only one political leader left to visit Terrace.